The plant biology major is for students who love plants and science. You can explore plants at the molecular, cellular, organismal, whole plant, and ecological levels. The coursework in plant biology is flexible, so it's all about helping you discover the right career path. Students are required to fulfill one of the two options offered: biotechnology or ecology and management.

$1,600 average department scholarship awarded in 2018–2019
Explore the world through faculty-led study abroad tours
21 students enrolled for fall 2020
Morgan McPherson
Morgan McPherson graduated in 2015 and is now working toward a doctorate in plant breeding and genetics at Nebraska.

Career Opportunities

While the major offers many career opportunities after graduation, most students choose to continue their education and go on to earn graduate degrees. Careers are possible as a(n):

  • Educator/Researcher
  • Ecosystem manager
  • Plant breeder
  • Field biologist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Plant ecologist
  • Genetic engineer


Internships and research experiences are key components of your academic experience. They allow you to explore different areas of plant biology, make connections with future employers, and experience a professional environment. One research experience and one internship are required for graduation. Plant biology internships and research experiences are available across Nebraska and the United States. Recent student internships include:

  • Dow Agro Sciences, York, Nebraska
  • Buffalograss breeding, University of Nebraska–Lincoln,
    Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Plant pathology, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Corn genetics and breeding, University of Nebraska–Lincoln,
    Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Evolutionary ecology in sunflower, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Molecular genetics and abiotic stresses in crops, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Crop diseases, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Johnston, Iowa
  • Eastern filbert blight resistance on Hazelnut, Nebraska Forest Service, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
  • Maize breeding, Monsanto, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Drought in maize, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Woodland, California
Megan Franklin
2018 graduate—Megan Franklin

The amount of research opportunities here are endless, and cover a wide variety of areas. Much of the credit goes to the faculty and professors that are so willing to offer up suggestions and opportunities. I started helping with research as a freshman, and I am now working with two professors on hops. Experience both in the greenhouse and the lab has helped me to narrow down what I want to do with my career.


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