Activities and Entertainment Committee

(9 members with 7 elected by faculty)

Connie Hansen, Chair (ongoing)

Rhae Drijber (2023)

Fran Benne (2024)

Christian Elowsky (2024)

Ann Powers (2023)

Jennifer Weisbrod (2025)

Susan Thomas (ex-officio)

TBD (AHGSA rep 2023)

Awards Committee

(2 year term)

Meghan Sindelar, Chair (2023)

Fran Benne (ex-officio)

Lisa Hilfiker (ex-officio)

Amit Jhala (2023)

Jeff Mower (2023)

Humberto Blanco (2023)

Paul Read – ASHS (2024)

ARD Greenhouse Committee – Department Reps

3 year staggered terms. Reappointment possible, but no rep can serve more than two consecutive terms. Appointed by ARD. Department Reps include:

Ming Guo (2024)

Stacy Adams (2023)

Jinliang Yang (2022)

Wellness Committee

Kay McClure-Kelly, Co-Chair

Susan Thomas

Mike Livingston

Andrea Basche

Grad Student, TBD