Activities and Entertainment Committee

(15 members with 10 elected by faculty)

Connie Hansen (2021)

Tanya Gulchuk, Co-Chair (2022)

Roch Gaussoin (2020)

Michael Kaiser (2021)

Julie Jacobs (2021)

Laila Puntel (2022)

Estefania Polli (AHGSA rep 2020)

Susan Thomas (ex-officio)

Awards Committee

(2 year term)

Humberto Blanco, Chair (2021)

Fran Benne (ex-officio)

Danielle Lopez (ex-officio)

Ellen Paparozzi (ASHS)

TBD (ex-officio)

Bill Kreuser (2022)

James Schnable (2021)

Meghan Sindelar (2022)

Farm Committee

George Graef, Chair (2020)

Tim Arkebauer (2021)

Jenny Stebbing (ex-officio)

Shawn McDonald, AHGSA rep (2020)

Chris Proctor (2022)

Greg Dorn (2022)

Serge Edme, USDA/ARS (2022)

Matt Sousek (ex-officio)

T.J. McAndrew (ex-officio)

Greg Teichmeier (ex-officio)

Eric Chestnut (2022)

ARD Greenhouse Committee – Department Reps

3 year staggered terms. Reappointment possible, but no rep can serve more than two consecutive terms. Appointed by ARD.

Anne Streich (2020)

James Schnable (2021)

Jinliang Yang (2022)

Wellness Committee

Kay McClure-Kelly, Co-Chair

Heather Steffens, Co-Chair

Susan Thomas

Sarah Johnson

Elizabeth Widder

Tai Pleasant

Mike Livingston

Andrea Basche