David Andrews

David Andrews Emeritus Research Professor

Richard Austin

Richard Austin Emeritus Professor

Kenneth G. Cassman

Kenneth Cassman Emeritus Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Agronomy

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Max Clegg

Max Clegg Emeritus Associate Professor

Dennis Diestler

Dennis J. Diestler Emeritus Research Professor of Soil Physical Chemistry

Full Dennis J. Diestler bio
John Dorn

John Doran Emeritus Professor

Kenneth Frank

Kenneth Frank Emeritus Associate Professor

William A. Gustafson

William A. Gustafson Emeritus Professor of Horticulture and Extension Horticulturist

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Francis Haskins

Francis Haskins Emeritus Professor

Gary Hergert

Gary W. Hergert Emeritus Professor

Full Gary W. Hergert bio
Garald Horst

Garald L. Horst Emeritus Professor

Full Garald L. Horst bio
Alice Jones

Alice Jones Emeritus Professor

Robert N. Klein

Robert N. Klein Emeritus Professor and Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

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Mark Lagrimini

Mark Lagrimini Emeritus Research Professor

Full Mark Lagrimini bio
David Lewis

David Lewis Emeritus Professor

Dale T. Lindgren Emeritus Professor of Horticulture

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Jerry Maranville

Jerry Maranville Emeritus Professor

Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin Emeritus Professor

Stephen C. Mason

Stephen C. Mason Emeritus Professor

Full Stephen C. Mason bio
Martin A. Massengale

Martin A. Massengale Emeritus Foundation Distinguished Professor, President Emeritus and Director, Center for Grassland Studies

Full Martin A. Massengale bio
Dennis L. McCallister

Dennis L. McCallister Emeritus Professor

Full Dennis L. McCallister bio
Lloyd Mielke

Lloyd Mielke Emeritus Professor

Rosalind Morris

Rosalind Morris Emeritus Professor

Lowell Moser

Lowell Moser Emeritus Professor

Darrell Nelson

Darrell Nelson Emeritus Professor and Dean & Director, Agricultural Research Division

Lenis Nelson

Lenis Nelson Emeritus Professor

Paul Nordquist

Paul Nordquist Emeritus Associate Professor

Alexander D. Pavlista

Alexander D. Pavlista Emeritus Professor

Full Alexander D. Pavlista bio
Jeffrey Pedersen

Jeffrey Pedersen Emeritus Associate Professor - USDA

Full Jeffrey Pedersen bio
William Powers

William Powers Emeritus Professor

Patrick Reece

Patrick Reece Emeritus Professor

Terry P. Riordan

Terry Riordan Emeritus Professor

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Fred Roeth

Fred Roeth Emeritus Professor

PLSH 279
Lincoln NE 68583-0937

James Schepers

James Schepers Emeritus Professor

Larry Schulze

Larry Schulze Emeritus Professor

Charles A. Shapiro

Charles A. Shapiro Emeritus Professor

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Robert (Bob) C. Shearman

Robert (Bob) C. Shearman Emeritus Sunkist Fiesta Bowl Professor of Agronomy

Full Robert (Bob) C. Shearman bio
Robert Sorensen

Robert Sorensen Emeritus Professor

Roy Spalding

Roy Spalding Emeritus Professor

James E. Specht

Jim Specht Emeritus Professor (formerly the Francis & Dorothy Haskins and Charles E. Bessey Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture)

Full Jim Specht bio
Donald Steinegger

Donald Steinegger Emeritus Professor

James Stubbendieck

James Stubbendieck Emeritus Professor (Grassland Ecology) and Emeritus Director, Center for Great Plains Studies

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Richard Sutton

Richard K. Sutton Emeritus Professor

Full Richard K. Sutton bio
Kenneth Vogel

Kenneth Vogel Emeritus Professor (Adjunct)

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Rick Waldren

Richard (Rick) Waldren Emeritus Professor

Full Richard (Rick) Waldren bio
Richard Wiese

Richard Wiese Emeritus Professor

James Williams Jr

James Williams Jr Emeritus Professor

Robert G. Wilson

Robert G. Wilson Emeritus Professor and Volunteer, Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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John Yohe

John Yohe Emeritus Associate Professor and International Sorghum/Millet Collaborative Research Support Program CRSP Program Director

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