Nebraska Range Short Course 2016 College Credits


June 18-22, 2018
Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska

The short course can be taken for credit or for non-credit. Individuals who wish to take the class for UNL college credit can sign up for 2 hours of Independent Study in Agronomy 496 (undergraduate) or 896 (graduate) for the second summer term in 2018. Use the special section set up for the Range Short Course. Contact Walt Schacht for the call numbers.

Anyone not enrolled in UNL needs to go through the admissions process. For undergraduate admission and registration visit: For graduate admission visit: If you have any questions, contact Walt Schacht.

Students wishing credit through Chadron State College should register for 2 hours of Agriculture 420 (undergraduate) or Agriculture 520 (graduate). Those students registering for Chadron State credit should check with Anthony Perlinski at Chadron State College (308) 432-6274.

Before registering for college credit, you must insure that you have a place in the course by returning the attached registration form with the registration fee of $325.

All credit and non-credit students attending the short course will be required to take quizzes and/or exams during the week as well as the final exam on Friday.

Students taking the course for graduate level credit will be required to complete additional work. This will involve the development and completion of a suit-able range project agreeable with instructors.

Nebraska Range Short Course