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Making Education Accessible for All

We recognize there can often be significant barriers – including high tuition costs and the inability to relocate – to gaining more knowledge and skills through education. That’s why we are proud to offer a variety of extension education resources to help accommodate learners from all walks of life.


Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary

The Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary (a.k.a. PASSeL) is comprised of free online videos and lessons developed by subject matter experts. The purpose of PASSeL is to make unbiased, cutting-edge research information widely accessible to audiences around the globe.

PASSeL eLibrary

Science Learning: Genetic Engineering

Are you interested in learning more about genetic engineering? Then be sure to check out our four free genetic engineering video modules that go over the process of making soybeans resistant to various diseases, utilizing GMOs to adapt to a constantly changing world, and even producing pigs that generate less phosphorus in their waste.

Genetic Engineering
Science Learning: Genetic Engineering
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Campus eXtension

Campus eXtension is the online learning management system used for students enrolled in the Plant Breeding and Genetics modules. The platform was implemented as an integral part of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s initiative to partner with land-grant institutions to educate the public on how they can address issues in society in order to bring about positive change. Log in or sign up for an account today!

Campus eXtension

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