Online Undergraduate Courses

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Flexible Courses to Fit Your Schedule

While our department does not currently offer a fully online bachelor’s degree in agronomy or horticulture, undergraduate students can take some online courses in these areas for a more flexible learning experience.

Undergraduate students can earn a fully online bachelors degree through the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program


UnderGraduate Courses in Agronomy and Horticulture

Course NumberCourse NameSemesters OfferedCredits
AGRO/HORT/TLMT 100 Plants, Landscapes, & the Environment* Spring and Fall 3
AGRO/NRES 107 Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on Ecosystems* Spring and Fall 3
AGRI 115 Biotechnology: Food, Health, & the Environment* Spring and Fall; Summer of even-numbered years 3
AGRO/HORT 131 Plant Science* Spring, Summer, Fall 3
AGRO/HORT/TLMT 134 Plant Sciences Laboratory Spring and Summer 1
AGRO/HORT/SOIL 153 Soil Resources Spring and Fall 4
HORT 214 Herbaceous Plants Spring 3
AGRO/HORT/TLMT 215 Genetic Principles Spring, Summer, Fall 4
AGRO/HORT/TLMT 327 Turfgrass Science and Management TBD 3
AGRO/GEOL/NRES/SOIL/WATS 361 Soils, Environment, and Water Quality Spring and Fall 3
AGRO/ABUS/EAEP/ENTR/HORT 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship Spring and Fall 3
AGRO/HORT 409A/809A Disease Resistance Breeding: Phytophthora Resistance in Soybean Case Study (Oomycete) Spring, Summer, Fall 1
AGRO/HORT 409B/809B Disease Resistance Breeding: Transgenic Strategies Spring, Summer, Fall 1
AGRO 411/811 Crop Genetic Engineering Fall 2
AGRO 412/812 Crop & Weed Genetics Spring 2
AGRO 420/820 Bioinformatics Applications in Agriculture Fall 3
AGRO 425/825 Cover Crops in Agroecosystems Fall 3
AGRO/HORT/NRES 435/835 Agroecology Spring 3
AGRO/HORT 439/839 Organic Farming and Food Systems Spring 3
AGRO/NRES/SOIL 455/855 Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy Spring 3
AGRO/HORT 462/862 Cannabis Growth, Production and Breeding Basics Spring and Fall 2
AGRO/HORT/TLMT 480/880 Modified Rootzones TBD 3
AGRO/ABUS/EAEP/ENTR/HORT 488/888 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Spring and Fall 3
AGRO/CRPL/HORT 489/889 Urbanization of Rural Landscapes Spring 3

* Can also be taken by high school students via the online Nebraska Now program