Online Undergraduate Courses

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Flexible Courses to Fit Your Schedule

While our department does not currently offer a fully online bachelor’s degree in agronomy or horticulture, undergraduate students can take some online courses in these areas for a more flexible learning experience.

Undergraduate students can complete their online bachelors degree through the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program


UnderGraduate Courses in Agronomy and Horticulture

Course NumberCourse NameSemesters OfferedCredits
PLAS 100 Plants, Landscapes, & the Environment * Fall and Spring 3
PLAS/NRES 107 Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on Ecosystems * Fall and Spring 3
AGRI 115 Biotechnology: Food, Health, & the Environment * Fall and Spring; Summer of even-numbered years 3
PLAS 131 Plant Science * Fall, Spring, and Summer 3
PLAS 134 Plant Sciences Laboratory Spring and Summer 1
PLAS/SOIL 153 Soil Resources Fall and Spring 4
PLAS/NRES 214 Herbaceous Landscape Plants Spring 3
PLAS 215 Genetics Fall, Spring, and Summer 4
PLAS 327 Turfgrass Science and Management TBD 3
PLAS/GEOL/NRES/SOIL/WATS 361 Soils, Environment, and Water Quality Fall and Spring 3
PLAS/ABUS/EAEP/ENTR/HORT 388 Business Systems in Entrepreneurship Fall and Spring 3
PLAS 409A or AGRO/HORT 809A Case Studies in Plant Breeding: Breeding for Disease Resistance  Fall, Spring, and Summer 1
PLAS 409B or AGRO/HORT 809B Case Studies in Plant Breeding: Transgenic Strategies Fall, Spring, and Summer 1
PLAS 411 or AGRO 811 Crop Genetic Engineering Fall 2
PLAS 412 or AGRO 812 Crop & Weed Genetics Spring 2
PLAS 420 or AGRO 820 Bioinformatics Applications in Agriculture Fall 3
PLAS 425 or AGRO 825 Cover Crops in Agroecosystems Fall 3
PLAS 435 or AGRO/HORT/NRES 835 Agroecology Spring 3
PLAS 439 or AGRO/HORT 839 Organic Farming and Food Systems Spring 3
PLAS 455 or AGRO/NRES/SOIL 855 Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy Spring 3
PLAS 462 or AGRO/HORT 862 Cannabis Growth, Production and Breeding Basics Fall and Spring 2
PLAS 480 or AGRO/HORT/TLMT 880 Modified Rootzones TBD 3
PLAS 488 or AGRO/ABUS/EAEP/ENTR/HORT 888 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Fall and Spring 3
PLAS 489 or AGRO/CRPL/HORT 889 Urbanization of Rural Landscapes Spring 3
APLAS 496/AGRO 896/HORT 896 (section 796) Organic Weed Management for Small Farms and Gardens Spring 1

* Can also be taken by high school students via the online Nebraska Now program