Irrigating corn

Course Selection

All students will work with their advisor to determine courses they need to take to fulfill their degree requirements. All graduate students in the department are required to take AGRO 991. Refer to the M.S. in Agronomy homepage for requirements for Option A and Option B.

Students in Option A must also take AGRO 899 when working on their thesis, and students in Option B must take AGRO 894 when working on their project.


Online Graduate Courses in Agronomy

Course NumberCourse NameSemesters OfferedCredits
PLAS 409A or AGRO/HORT 809A Case Studies in Plant Breeding: Breeding for Disease Resistance Fall, Spring 1
PLAS 409B or AGRO/HORT 809B Case Studies in Plant Breeding: Transgenic Strategies Fall, Spring 1
PLAS 411 or AGRO 811 Crop Genetic Engineering Fall 2
PLAS 412 or AGRO 812 Crop & Weed Genetics Spring 2
PLAS 420 or AGRO 820 Bioinformatics Applications in Agriculture Fall 3
AGRO/HORT 821 Learning Biotechnology Summer (even-numbered years) 3
AGRO/HORT 822 Integrated Weed Management Spring 1
AGRO/HORT 824 Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Management Spring (even-numbered years, next offering TBD) 3
PLAS 425 or AGRO 825 Cover Crops in Agroecosystems Fall 3
AGRI/AGRO/ENTO/HORT 828 Scientific Illustration Spring 2024 3
AGRO 831 Spatial Variability in Soils Spring (even-numbered years) 2
AGRO/HORT 832 Learning Plant Science Summer (odd-numbered years) 3
PLAS 435 or AGRO/HORT/NRES 835 Agroecology Spring 3
AGRO 846/ASCI 824 Principles of Forage Quality and Evaluation for Grazing Livestock Summer (even-numbered years) 3
PLAS 439 or AGRO/HORT 839 Organic Farming and Food Systems Spring (even-numbered years) 3
AGRO 840, NRES 840 Great Plains Ecosystem Spring 3
AGRO 851 Grassland Plant Identification Spring 2
PLAS/NRES/SOIL 455 or AGRO/NRES/SOIL 855 Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy Spring 3
PLAS 462 or AGRO/HORT 862 Cannabis Growth, Production and Breeding Basics Fall and Spring 2
PLAS 488 or AGRO/ABUS/EAEP/ENTR/HORT 888 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Fall and Spring 3
AGRO 896 Section 700 Applied Plant Breeding and Genetics Spring 2023 3
AGRO/HORT 894 Master’s Project (required) Fall, Spring, and Summer 3-6
AGRO 896 Field Research: Design, Analysis, and Reporting Spring 2
AGRO 896 Production Systems Fall 1
AGRO 899 Master’s Thesis (required) Fall, Spring, and Summer 6-10
AGRO/NRES 906 Crop Growth & Yield Modeling Fall 3
AGRO/HORT 991 General Seminar & Presentation (required) Spring and Fall 1
AGRO 985, NRES 985, SOIL 985 Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics Fall 3