Are you interested in redesigning your course for online delivery? Are you interested in developing assessment tools for your course? Maybe you want to develop a video or other online resources. Contact Leah Sandall or Krisayla Rasmussen for more information on how to get started.

There are many ways to be involved in online education. Courses come in a variety of lengths and may be 8-week or 5-week mini-courses, modules, short courses, webinars or a variety of other formats. Lessons and lectures may be posted on the web as video and/or audio files, screen-capture recorded lectures, or pdfs. Below are examples of online education in various lengths and styles:

Advising Online Students

Popular Technology Programs for Online Teaching

Training at UNL –  Center for Transformative Teaching offers a wide variety of resources and support for teaching and learning

Technology support programs including VidGrid, a video capture service for UNL

Zoom Video Conferencing

Types of Credit

The Department of Agronomy faculty and staff have experience providing three types of credit: academic credit, professional credit and CEUs.