Horticulture Graduate Certificates

Horticulture Graduate Certificates

"Completing the certificate in Advanced Horticultural through AG IDEA was a valuable and motivating experience. As a property manager and landscape designer, the diverse coursework required by the certificate was immediately applicable to my daily work decisions. In addition, I was exposed to a deepening of knowledge that allowed me to incorporate new management programs and horticultural practices that will develop over the seasons to follow. This is important, because as landscapes change and grow, so too should our knowledge of work in horticulture fields evolve. The AG IDEA certificate program helped me greatly in this regard."

— Brad K., Advanced Horticulture Graduate Certificate student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Horticulture is not a one-size-fits-all industry. That’s why we have partnered with multiple universities through the Great Plains AG*IDEA consortium to offer you three horticulture-based graduate certificates to choose from.

Interested in a Master of Science in Horticulture? The courses in these certificates can be applied toward a master’s degree!


Advanced Horticulture

If you’re serious about growing specialty crops (either in or out of a greenhouse), then this is the certificate for you. With coursework ranging from the finer details about plants – such as plant physiology and plant nutrition – all the way to management – including arboriculture, viticulture, and horticultural business management – you’ll gain the expertise needed to pursue a wide variety of “green” careers.


Floriculture and Nursery Production Management

There is a lot that goes into growing beautiful and healthy flowers. With coursework in areas such as pest management, plant pathology, and environmental nursery production practices, this certificate is perfect for those who wish to learn more about, or make careers centered around, growing ornamentals in a nursery setting.


Ornamentals, Landscape and Turf

A big part of what makes a home or community great is its landscape. With coursework covering topics like turfgrass disease management, weed science, and modified rootzones, this certificate will prepare you to transform communities for the better by equipping you with the skillset required for keeping golf courses, parks, homes, and other landscapes green and beautiful.



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