milkweed and monarch butterfly

Instructor(s): Dr. Sam Wortman

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Description: Introduction to a diverse range of plant and landscape systems and management strategies for balancing economic and environmental sustainability. Foundational principles of plant biology, landscape ecology, and environmental science using real-world case studies. Meets ACE 4 requirement.

For the ACE 4 outcome, students will be asked to use scientific methods and knowledge of the natural and physical world to address problems through inquiry, interpretation, analysis, and the making of inferences from data, to determine whether conclusions or solutions are reasonable.

During this course, students will:

  • Increase knowledge of a diverse range of plant and landscape management systems;
  • Discuss basic principles of plant biology, landscape ecology, and environmental science within the context of current global sustainability challenges;
  • Use the scientific method to ask questions, gather and interpret data, and inform decisions about complex challenges in plant and landscape systems;
  • Systematically compare plant and landscape management solutions to complex problems and improve critical thinking skills; and
  • Improve communication skills using written and digital platforms to disseminate scientific information.

Prerequisites: Admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. High school science and/or biology class preferred.

Course Requirements & Materials:

  • Technical Requirements: Access to high-speed Internet and email with up-to-date browsers and the ability to view videos (recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari); must also be able to use Microsoft Office products and Adobe Acrobat
  • Textbooks: No textbooks required. All course materials are online in Canvas.