Instructor(s): Anne Streich, MS, A. McKinzie Sutter, MS, & Leah Sandall, MS

Number of Credit Hours: 4

Number of CEUs for Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs): 2 CEUs in Crop Management; 1 CEU in Pest Management; 1 CEU in Soil & Water; 1 CEU in Nutrient Management

Description: This online course covers the biology of plants grown for food, fiber, fuel, and fun. Plant life cycles in managed ecosystems and their role in global carbon and water cycles are also discussed. Students learn the mechanisms plants use to drive and control their growth, propagate, and change to compete with other organisms in their environment. This course is available to advanced high school students and undergraduate students that are NOT Agronomy or Horticulture majors.

Prerequisites: Admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Course Requirements & Materials:

  • Technical Requirements: Access to high-speed Internet and email with up-to-date browsers and the ability to view videos (recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  • Textbooks: eBook textbook for approximately $115. All other course materials are online in Canvas and PASSeL.

This Course is Ideal For…

  • Advanced high school students
  • Undergraduate, graduate, and certificate students preparing for more intensive/specialized study
  • Science and agriculture/vocational education teachers
  • Extension educations, agents and specialists
  • Certified professional agronomists, crop consultants, and crop advisers
  • Seed and/or food industry personnel
  • Producers

Questions About This Course or How to Register? Contact Lisa Hilfiker at lisa.hilfiker@unl.edu or (402) 472-8393.