test tubes in lab

Instructor(s): Dr. Meghan Sindelar

Number of Credit Hours: 1

Description: An exploration of plant morphology, physiology, and maturation with an emphasis on environmental, biotic, and human interactions within production and landscape systems. Not open to Agronomy or Horticulture majors or minors.

Prerequisites: Admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior or concurrent enrollment in AGRO/HORT 131 required.

Course Requirements & Materials:

  • Technical Requirements: Access to high-speed Internet and email with up-to-date browsers and the ability to view videos (recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  • Textbooks: All course materials are online in Canvas.

Questions About This Course or How to Register? Contact Lisa Hilfiker at lisa.hilfiker@unl.edu or (402) 472-8393.