PLAS 411 or AGRO 811 – Crop Genetic Engineering

Wheat harvest

Instructor(s): Dr. Tom Clemente & Leah Sandall, MS

Number of Credit Hours: 2

Number of CEUs for Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs): 6 CEUs in Crop Management; 4 CEUs in Pest Management

Description: This course is designed to provide upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, as well as agribusiness professionals, with an introduction to genetic engineering, one of the most rapidly integrated and intensively scrutinized technologies applied to crop production in the United States. Students will learn the basic steps required to produce genetically engineered crops with emphasis on procedures used to develop current crops and innovations that will lead to future products. Students will become familiar with the genetic engineering process, predicting how changes in different steps of the process influence the final crop, and apply their knowledge of genetic engineering technology to plan the development of new genetically engineered crops.

Prerequisites: Admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Strong background/prior coursework in plant science, genetics and/or biology is recommended.

Course Requirements & Materials:

  • Technical Requirements: Access to high-speed Internet and email with up-to-date browsers and the ability to view videos (recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)
  • Textbooks: No textbooks required. All course materials are online in Canvas.

This Course is Ideal For…

  • Advanced undergraduate students and graduate students preparing for more intensive/specialized study
  • Seed and/or food industry personnel
  • Certified professional agronomists, crop consultants, and crop advisers 
  • and agriculture/vocational education teachers
  • Extension educators, agents, and specialists
  • Producers

Questions About This Course or How to Register? Contact Lisa Hilfiker at or (402) 472-8393.