PLAS/NRES 107 – Invasive Plant Species: Impacts on Ecosystems


Instructor(s): Roch Gaussoin

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Number of CEUs for Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs): 2 CEUs in Crop Management; 1 CEU in Pest Management, 1 CEU in Soil & Water, and 1 CEU in Nutrient Management

Description: Invasive plants can be found nearly everywhere on Earth. The flora of the earth is constantly being re-distributed by natural and human forces. The change in locations of plant species has affected, and continues to affect, ecosystems around the world. In this course, students will learn how invasive plants are able to establish and spread themselves in regions outside of their native habitats. Students will also develop an understanding of the importance of invasive plants on both a local and global scale and learn how species, which are fairly benign in one ecosystem, can have significant negative impacts in others. Emphasis will be on how and why invasive plants become established and their impacts on ecosystems. Meets ACE 9 requirement.

Prerequisites: Admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Course Requirements & Materials:

  • Technical Requirements: Access to high-speed Internet and email with up-to-date browsers and the ability to view videos (recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari); must also be able to use Microsoft Office products and Adobe Acrobat
  • Textbooks: No textbooks required. All course materials are online in Canvas.

This Course is Ideal For…

  • Advanced high school students
  • UNL undergraduate students seeking to fulfill the ACE 9 requirement
  • Science and agriculture/vocational education teachers
  • Extension educations, agents and specialists
  • Certified professional agronomists, crop consultants, and crop advisers
  • Agribusiness professionals engaged in marketing, sales, or training
  • Government officials and community leaders
  • Anyone interested in plant or weed science

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