Request for Partial Teaching Assistantship (TA)

The Agronomy and Horticulture teaching assistant (TA) funds are intended to support faculty and provide teaching experience to current undergraduate and graduate students. Funds will be allocated, contingent on availability, based on the following criteria, in order of significance, with undergraduate courses receiving higher priority:

1) Laboratory courses;
2) Courses with formally-scheduled recitation or laboratory sections;
3) Courses using multiple writing or presentation assignments that are reviewed and returned to the student for resubmission;
4) All other courses where the TA assistance will allow faculty to increase or maintain the course capacity.

The TA stipend of $1,xxx is based on approximately 6 hours of teaching activity per week during the semester. Thus, the TA in-classroom commitments, time spent grading and preparatory work should be kept reasonable.

Faculty are responsible for training, mentoring, and supervising of their TA(s) and will be expected to report on the professional development of TA's and their mentoring success in next year's funding request.

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(e.g. Resource-Efficient Crop Management)
(e.g. AGRO 204-001)
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