Nebraska Extension Weed Science SchoolA 0ne-day seminar covering weed science topics.

Nebraska Extension Weed Science School

Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center
1071 County Road G, Ithaca, Nebraska

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

8:30 am – 2:30 pm


Free to attend, but pre-registration is required!

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CCA Credits and Pesticide Recertification are available.

8:30 am Registration
8:45 – 8:55 am Dave Varner, Nebraska Extension Associate Dean and Director – Welcome Address Welcome Address
8:55 – 9:20 am Amit Jhala Results of Stakeholders Survey on Weed Management in Nebraska
9:20 – 10:20 am Kevin Bradley, Professor, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, University of Missouri What might weed management look like in 2023 and beyond?
10:20 – 10:30 am BREAK
10:30 – 11 am Jenny Rees Herbicide options when inter-seeding cover crops into corn and soybean
11 – 11:30 am Nahar Neta, Greeneye Technology Spot herbicide application technology for weed management
11:30 am –12:15 pm Bob Klein Spray Quality and Carrier Rate - How they affect Herbicide Efficacy and Spray Drift?
12:15 – 1 pm LUNCH PROVIDED
1 – 1:45 pm Stevan Knezevic Soybean response to 2,4-D or dicamba
1:45 – 2 pm BREAK – Dairy Store Ice Cream
2 – 2:30 pm Sam Wortman Off-target injury of dicamba or 2,4-D in specialty crops
2:30 pm Doug Zalesky, Director, Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center Acknowledgements

Questions about Weed Science Day?

Amit Jhala

Extension Weed Management Specialist
Tel: 402-472-1534

Jenny Rees

Extension Educator
Tel: 402-362-5508


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