Jennifer Weisbrod


·Pesticide Safety Education Program

Jennifer Weisbrod

Assistant Extension Educator

Area of Expertise:, Natural Resource, Park Management and Conservation, Minor in Entomology and Interpretation, Kansas State University, 2013

M.S., Entomology,Research focus-Pollinator health, pesticides, Honey bee management, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2020

Areas of Focus

Research & Extension Interests

The Pesticide Safety Education Program is primarily focused on creating an effective Extension program that meets the needs of the Nebraska community. The PSEP team focuses on a training program and a certification program that is designed to teach the appropriate materials for commercial and private pesticide applicators to receive the proper certification to utilize pesticides.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture provides up to date regulations that our team then synthesizes into educational materials that easily break down the information into a digestible format for the stakeholders using this program.

Our Extension educators also work closely with researchers on campus to ensure they provide the most accurate information for those who take the training. Another focus of our team is providing additional Extension materials like pesticides in sensitive environments, environmental safety, as well as human safety.

Through our program Nebraskans are able to develop their understanding of the proper safety measures to apply pesticides. A continuing goal of our program is to provide the most current knowledge of pesticide safety and we hope to continue developing our program to include additional resources outside of the pesticide applicator training.