Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams Associate Professor of Practice

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Sophie Alvarez Y Albala


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Keenan Amundsen

Keenan Amundsen Associate Professor

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Bruce Anderson Professor of Agronomy, Extension Forage Specialist

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Jose Andrade


Timothy J. Arkebauer

Timothy J. Arkebauer Professor

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P. Stephen Baenziger

P. Stephen Baenziger Professor and Wheat Growers Presidential Chair

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Andrea Basche

Andrea Basche Assistant Professor

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Vikas Belamkar

Vikas Belamkar Research Assistant Professor

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Humberto Blanco

Humberto Blanco Associate Professor

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Thomas Clemente 

Thomas Clemente  Eugene W. Price Distinguished Professor of Biotechnology, Center for Plant Science Innovation

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Cody F. Creech

Cody F. Creech Assistant Professor

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Rhae A. Drijber

Rhae A. Drijber Professor

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Ismail Dweika

Ismail Dweikat Professor

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Roger W. Elmore

Roger W. Elmore Interim Associate Department Head, Professor, Heuermann Chair and Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute Faculty Fellow

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Christian Elowsky

Christian Elowsky Assistant Professor of Practice

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Richard B. Ferguson

Richard B. Ferguson Interim Department Head, Professor

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Charles A. Francis

Charles A. Francis Professor

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Roch Gaussoin

Roch E. Gaussoin Professor

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George L. Graef

George L. Graef Professor

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Patricio Grassini

Patricio Grassini Associate Professor

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John Guretzky

John Guretzky Associate Professor

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David Holding

David Holding Associate Professor

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David Hyten

David L. Hyten Haskins Professor in Plant Genetics and Associate Professor, Soybean Genetics/Genomics, Center for Plant Science Innovation, Nebraska Food for Health Center

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Terri James

Terri James Assistant Extension Educator

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Diego Jarquin

Diego Jarquin Research Assistant Professor

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Amit J. Jhala

Amit J. Jhala Associate Professor/Extension Weed Management Specialist

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Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser Assistant Professor

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Stevan Z. Knezevic

Stevan Z. Knezevic Professor

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Bill Kreuser

Bill Kreuser Assistant Professor, Extension Turfgrass Specialist

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Brian Krienke

Brian Krienke Assistant Extension Educator

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Greg Kruger

Greg Kruger Associate Professor

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David P. Lamb

David P. Lambe Associate Professor of Practice

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Nevin Lawrence

Nevin Lawrence Assistant Professor

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Don Lee

Donald J. Lee Professor

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Marc Libault

Marc Libault Associate Professor

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John L. Lindquist

John L. Lindquist Professor

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Bijesh Maharja

Bijesh Maharjan Assistant Professor

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Martha Mamo

Martha Mamo Interim Associate Department Head, Weaver Professor of Agronomy and Horticulture

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Jeffrey Mower

Jeffrey Mower Associate Professor

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Clyde Ogg

Clyde Ogg Extension Educator

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Ellen T. Paparozzi

Ellen T. Paparozzi Professor

Full Ellen T. Paparozzi bio
Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor Assistant Extension Educator

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Juan Ignacio Rattalino Edreira

Juan Ignacio Rattalino Edreira Research Assistant Professor

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Paul Read

Paul E. Read Professor

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Daren Redfearn

Daren Redfearn Associate Professor

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Teshome Regassa

Teshome Regassa Research Assistant Professor

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Leah Sandall

Leah Sandall Distance Education Coordinator

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Dipak Santra

Dipak Santra Associate Professor

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Walter Schacht

Walter H. Schacht Sunkist Fiesta Bowl Professor of Agronomy

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Daniel Schachtman

Daniel Schachtman Professor and Director, Center for Biotechnology

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James Schnable

James Schnable Assistant Professor

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Meghan E. Sindelar

Meghan E. Sindelar Assistant Professor of Practice

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Paul E. Staswick

Paul E. Staswick Professor

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Mitchell B. Stephenson

Mitchell B. Stephenson Assistant Professor

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Anne Streich

Anne Streich Associate Professor of Practice

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Kim Todd

Kim Todd Associate Professor, Extension Horticulture Specialist, Licensed Landscape Architect

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Dirac Twidwell

Dirac Twidwell Associate Professor

Full Dirac Twidwell bio
Carlos Urrea

Carlos Urrea Associate Professor

Full Carlos Urrea bio
Jerry Volesky

Jerry D. Volesky Professor, Extension Range and Forage Specialist

Full Jerry D. Volesky bio
Harkamal Walia

Harkamal Walia Associate Professor

Full Harkamal Walia bio
Brian Waters

Brian M. Waters Associate Professor

Full Brian M. Waters bio
Sam Wortman

Sam Wortman Assistant Professor

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Charles S. Wortmann

Charles S. Wortmann Professor

Full Charles S. Wortmann bio
Haishun Yang

Haishun Yang Associate Professor

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Jinliang Yang

Jinliang Yang Assistant Professor

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Rebecca Young

Rebecca Young Assistant Professor of Practice

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