2022 Nitrogen Use Efficiency Workshop

Craig Chandler | University Communication


August 1–3, 2022

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Nebraska Innovation Campus and Nebraska East Union

We are pleased to share with you that the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Agronomy and Horticulture and Department of Biological Systems Engineering will be hosting the annual Nitrogen Use Efficiency Workshop for graduate students and scientists from within the Midwest. The dates for the event are Aug. 1 to 3, 2022. Attendance typically ranges from 100 to 130.

This group began meeting together in 1996 (Nebraska-Oklahoma) and it expanded to include Virginia Tech and CIMMYT-Mexico in 1998. By 2003, this group included most mid-west Universities in the corn belt and has since met every year at different institutions. Nebraska last hosted this event in 2004. Participants have included individuals from Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and Brazil. Originally designed as a “workshop,” discussions and presentations were built around sensor-based methodologies that could increase NUE in cereal production systems. Both engineering and agronomic problems continue to be addressed by this group that hopes to deliver “by-plant” N management.

The event is about networking and exchanging innovative ideas around nitrogen, which remains a huge priority among academia, industry, and stakeholders. This workshop represents a great opportunity for graduate students and scientists to get to know industry representatives and establish collaborations. During this event, graduate students have the opportunity to compete in a poster and/or video presentation, and a data-Hackathon competition.

The upcoming event in Nebraska is unique because it offers the opportunity to highlight the essential role of water management when it comes to N management decisions. In particular, we want to facilitate the discussion around strategies for the effective reduction of N losses to the environment critical for the state of Nebraska and beyond. Many of the attendees will not be familiar with water management concepts and tools, so we hope to feature these opportunities. The NUE workshop welcomes visitors to get to know the newly developed Innovation Campus, the greenhouses, and the tractor test museum. In this event the moving forward on N management is promoted, new technologies are discussed, and promotion of active interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged.

The corn producers would benefit from discussion around the next steps to move forward with the adoption of new technology for nitrogen management in corn. In particular, in-season N management. Increase the awareness of the existing technology for nitrogen management and what are the weaknesses and strengths of the existing tools. Collaboration among stakeholders will result in innovative methods to translate science into practice that can be utilized by corn producers in Nebraska.

The themes for this coming NUE workshop are going to be centered around the following items: 

  • Dig “deeper” into the wickedness within the N cycle and modeling based decision tools  
  • How to promote in-season N application culture for more of the Midwest  
  • Tool fusion, bringing strength from each N tool to the table  
  • Farmer’s panel with “my challenge with N” (risk aversion contribution to decisions)  
  • Climatology and N unpredictability 
  • Soil health and NUE indicators 

The event is at no cost for the participants other than travel and hotel expenses. We thank all the Institutions and Companies that make the event possible as sponsors.

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