AGRO/BIOC 834: Plant Biochemistry

Instructor(s): Edgar Cahoon

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Cross-listings:  PLAS 434, BIOC 434, BIOS 434, CHEM 434, BIOC 834, BIOS 834, CHEM 834

Prerequisites: BIOC/BIOS/CHEM 431/831

Description: Biochemical metabolism unique to plants. Relationships of topics previously acquired in general biochemistry to biochemical processes unique to plants. Biochemical mechanisms behind physiological processes discussed in plant or crop physiology.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Enhance knowledge of plant metabolism.
  2. Understand metabolic specialization that is unique to plants and its biological significance.
  3. Understand the interconnections of plant metabolic pathways.
  4. Apply understanding of plant metabolism to development of strategies for crop improvement.
  5. Apply and extend classroom discussions to solving problem sets that reinforce important principles of plant biochemistry.
  6. Enhance knowledge of plant biochemistry through reading and discussion of primary scientific literature.