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Barley Improvement Conference

Barley Improvement Conference, San Diego, CA January 14, 2013 presentation titled "Looking in Unexpected Places: Winter Barley in the Great Plains". 

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Baenziger wheat summit presentation image

Wheat Summit

Wheat Summit in Burlington, CO February 27, 2013 presentation titled "Nebraska Wheat Varieties from a Colorado-Kansas Perspective".

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CSSA Annual Meeting presentation image

2007 CSSA Annual Meeting

2007 CSSA Annual Meeting presentation titled "Breeding Wheat for Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems".

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8th African Crop Science Congress presentation image

8th African Crop Science Congress

8th African Crop Science Congress presentation titled "Plant Breeding in the 21st Century".

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Dr. Norman Borlaug

If you wonder why I became a plant breeder, it is because in my youth (and still today) I wanted to feed people. I read about the Green Revolution and the miracles that it brought. This is a short video on Dr. Norman Borlaug, a pioneer of the Green Revolution. His successes shaped the lives of humanity and those of many plant breeders.