GEOG 822: Advanced Techniques in Geographic

Instructor(s): Patrick Bitterman

Number of Credit Hours: 4

Cross-listings: GEOG 422

Prerequisites: GEOG 412/812

Description: Vector and quadtree data structures, use of relational database management systems, topologically structured databases, query languages, digital terrain modeling, advanced data analysis methods and research issues in GIS. Extensive practical experience with the current GIS software.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Critically evaluate established and contemporary GIScience and spatial analysis literature.
  2. Synthesize concepts of GIS theory, methodology, and application.
  3. Demonstrate a conceptual and working knowledge of GIS and spatial analysis operations.
  4. Individually identify a research question, formulate an analysis plan, and complete that analysis using GIS and spatial analysis tools.
  5. Understand how alternative methods can determine outcomes and affect decision making.