47 Agronomy and Horticulture students named to Dean’s List

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Forty-seven undergraduate students in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture have been named to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources fall 2020 Dean’s List. Students must have a 3.75 minimum grade-point average on a four-point scale and be enrolled in a minimum of 12 or more graded semester hours to qualify. Agronomy and Horticulture students who qualified are listed below and at agronomy.unl.edu/casnr-deans-list.

  • Ethan Thomas Dozler, junior, agronomy
  • Geoffrey Robert Toler, senior, agronomy
  • Talon Mark Mues, junior, agronomy
  • Ryan Beck, junior, agronomy
  • Joshua Tanner Swartzendruber, sophomore, agronomy
  • Nolan Matthew Weber, freshman, agronomy
  • Korbin Kudera, junior, agronomy
  • Jacob Thomas Uhlman, senior, agronomy
  • Nathan Mark Donoghue, junior, agronomy
  • Seth Patrick Brewer, freshman, agronomy
  • Nicholas Leo Kinzer, freshman, agronomy
  • Emily Jean Hanson, freshman, agronomy
  • Spencer Pribyl, sophomore, agronomy
  • Kyle Schumacher, sophomore, agronomy
  • Madisen Rae Randa, senior, agronomy
  • Logan Anderson, sophomore, agronomy
  • Jared Andrew Sullivan, junior, agronomy
  • Matt Mittman, sophomore, agronomy
  • Rachel Elizabeth Clarkson, freshman, agronomy
  • Colby Paul Klingensmith, junior, agricultural economics and agronomy
  • Hope Olivia Hudson, sophomore, agronomy
  • Mason Dale Rutgers, freshman, agronomy
  • Sarah Ione Wulf, junior, horticulture
  • Elizabeth Ann Cunningham, sophomore, horticulture
  • Deanna Esther Montanez Mendoza, junior, horticulture
  • Victoria Frances Boden, freshman, horticulture
  • Jevon Boardman, freshman, horticulture
  • Grace Margaret Buell, senior, horticulture
  • Tyler Degner, senior, horticulture
  • Grant Alexander Lannin, senior, horticulture
  • Tyler A. Olson, freshman, horticulture
  • Elsa Fern Rasmussen, junior, horticulture; College of Arts and Sciences, English
  • Jamie Dasenbrock, junior, horticulture
  • Chandler Daniel Cole, freshman, horticulture
  • Christine Barta, senior, horticulture
  • Collin Rae Eaton, senior, plant biology
  • Skylar S. Kodad, freshman, plant biology
  • Lydia Sage Regier, sophomore, plant biology
  • Caleb David Wehrbein, senior, plant biology
  • Robert Witkowski, senior, plant biology
  • Benjamin Janssen, sophomore, plant biology
  • Sam Polk, senior, plant biology
  • Benjamin Matthew Kulat, junior, plant biology
  • Kevin Christopher Dockery, sophomore, microbiology and plant biology
  • Jacob Alan Hillis, sophomore, turfgrass and landscape management
  • John Raymond Tines, freshman, turfgrass and landscape management
  • Jacob Alan Ocholik, sophomore, turfgrass and landscape management

See the full University of Nebraska–Lincoln Deans’ List at Nebraska Today.

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Forty-seven Agronomy and Horticulture students make the CASNR Dean's List.
Forty-seven Agronomy and Horticulture students make the CASNR Dean's List.