NRES 898: Special Topics: Grad Seminar in R and Data Analysis

NRES 898: Special Topics: Grad Seminar in R and Data Analysis

Instructor(s): Chris Chizinski

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Cross-listings: None.

Prerequisites:: 6 hrs NRES or equivalent.

Description: Have you ever read a paper and thought “How could I apply this analytical approach to my research?” This course will provide students with the skills to understand and adapt analytic techniques presented in peer-reviewed literature to their research. The course will focus on use of the R statistical language in applications relevant to ecology, biology, fisheries and wildlife, grasslands, forests, aquatic habitats, and human dimensions of natural resources. The topics covered will be STUDENT DRIVEN. Emphasis will be placed on developing conceptual and practical understanding of how to apply statistical techniques with real-world data, checking assumptions, exploratory data analysis, presentation of results, and developing sound coding skills. A working knowledge (e.g., ability to read data in to R, data manipulation, graphing) of R is required.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate an ability to identify appropriate statistical procedures suited for a research question.
  2. Use appropriate techniques to develop, conduct, and analyze a wide range of data.
  3. Demonstrate sound reproducible coding skills
  4. Assemble results into publication quality graphics and tables
  5. Demonstrate an understanding what should be included in a paper to be reproducible