Plant Sciences Hall

The Office Professionals in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture provide office support to faculty, staff and students. Contact office to discuss work requests. Requests will be completed by office personnel based on the nature of the work, current workload, due date and the associate's skill set.

Office Services

  • Making conference room and vehicle reservations
  • Assisting with copy and print projects
  • Coordinating travel arrangements and expense reimbursement
  • Processing non-travel expense reimbursements
  • Purchasing office supplies and non-chemical products (eshop and purchasing card transactions)
  • Organizing and supporting seminars and events
  • Creating surveys and summarizing results
  • Proofing and editing manuscripts
  • Scanning documents and sending faxes
  • Distributing mail and sending letters and packages via campus mail, FedEx and USPS
  • Providing course support
  • Creating and designing courses in Canvas
  • Arranging Zoom meetings and providing technical support
  • Supporting student defenses
  • Troubleshooting advanced issues (Canvas, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
  • Converting and creating images for publications
  • Editing videos
  • Assisting with the temporary immigration of J-1 Visiting Research Scholars
  • Serving as Building Maintenance Reporter
  • Serving on departmental committees

Tracy Pickering

202 Kim Hall

Toma/Tamara Sukhova

279 Plant Sciences Hall

Kaye Wolfe

Kaye Wolfe

Team Lead and Coordinator
279K Plant Sciences Hall

Conference Room and Classroom Reservations

Contact any Office Professional to reserve a conference room. Conference rooms include:

  • 202N Keim Hall
  • 150 Keim Hall (please read Policy of Use)
  • 279M Plant Science Hall
  • 375 Plant Sciences Hall

Department Vehicles

The Department of Agronomy and Horticulture has three vehicles (two cars and one Suburban) available to faculty, staff and graduate students. It is intended for short term use, less than 3 days. If you are not an authorized driver, contact T.J. McAndrew at 472-1486 to get authorized. There is no charge to drive the two cars below 25 miles. After 25 miles, the charge is $.23 a mile. The charge for the Suburban is $.37 for all mileage. A Voyager fuel card is available for purchasing gasoline (you will use the first 6 digits of your NU ID or employee personnel number as the PIN).

Check Vehicle Availability

To reserve a department vehicle contact: Kaye Wolfe at 472-8488.

If a department vehicle is not available, you may reserve one from University Transportation.

Travel Arrangements

For travel arrangements and expense reimbursements, contact HAPPI Business Center. Supporting travel documents can be found at University Travel Services and IANR Business Centers.

Mail and Distribution

USPS and Campus Mail

USPS and campus mail arrives on East Campus on odd-numbered days of the month. City Campus mail is delivered on even-numbered days of the month. All outgoing mail is collected at 9:30 am on odd-numbered days. Mail is distributed to assigned mailboxes usually by noon.

Department shipping addresses include:

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Department of Agronomy & Horticulture
1875 N. 38th St.
279 PLSH
Lincoln, NE 68583-0915

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Department of Agronomy & Horticulture
1825 N. 38th St.
202 Keim Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0915

Fed Ex

The department uses FedEx shipping for express and ground packages. Contact an office associate for shipping and scheduling assistance


If you have a return via UPS, you may take your package to the Plant Pathology office, in 406 Plant Sciences Hall.

Departmental Purchasing and Expense Assistance

Expense Vouchers

Visiting Personnel Form

Who must sign my expense voucher?
When requesting reimbursement for work-related travel or purchases, the employee and the owner of the cost object account number must both sign the expense voucher. This person is usually the professor, supervisor or administrator that the employee works for, but occasionally it is someone in another department or building. The department head, business manager, or deans may also sign the voucher depending on the funding source.

Purchasing Help?

Contact the HAPPI Business Center, TBA, 472-5132, for more information about purchasing. The Office Pros can order supplies through eShop or with Purchasing cards. TBA can set up shoppers for the university's eShop system.

Timecard or Paycheck Questions

Please contact IANR Finance & Personnel with questions.

Building Access and Keys

Contact T.J. McAndrew at 472-1486 or the front desk receptionist at 472-2811.

Building Maintenance Reporters

Contact the front desk receptionist at 472-2811 to report a building maintenance issue.