Twelve members will be elected annually from faculty at large; four from full professor rank, eight from assistant/associate ranks. The department head, in consultation with the associate head, will create three Peer Evaluation Teams from those elected, each with four members. At the initial meeting, elected members will choose a method to appoint existing members to 1 and 2 year terms, in order to offset membership such that there is not complete turnover of the committee every two years. Subsequently attrition, except under unusual circumstances, will maintain desired membership continuity. The department head, in consultation with the associate head, will consider appropriate distribution by rank and discipline in creating teams, with the goal of diversity in team makeup. Each team will evaluate one-third of the faculty undergoing peer evaluation. Each team will be responsible for assigning primary and secondary reviewers for each faculty to be evaluated. Extension and Teaching Coordinators will meet with each Peer Evaluation Team, and evaluate faculty members with Extension and Teaching assignments, respectively.

Peer Evaluation Team Structure


Teaching Coordinator - Dennis McCallister (on-going)

Extension Coordinator - Bruce Anderson (on-going)


Peer Evaluation Team 1Peer Evaluation Team 2Peer Evaluation Team 3
Tim Arkebauer Rhae Drijber Roger Elmore
Martha Mamo John Lindquist Don Lee
John Guretzky David Holding Humberto Blanco
Dave Lambe Keenan Amundsen Kim Todd