John Yohe

John Yohe

Emeritus Associate Professor and International Sorghum/Millet Collaborative Research Support Program CRSP Program Director

B.S., Animal Husbandry, University of Missouri, 1959

M.S., Poultry Nutrition, University of Missouri, 1962

Ph.D., Plant Breeding, University of Missouri, 1973

Area of Focus

Sorghum and Millet breeding

Research Interests

To administer and coordinate the multi-disciplinary Sorghum/Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP). This includes a broad range of activities from sorghum and pearl millet breeding, crop protection, agronomy/physiology, economics and marketing to grain quality and utilization. INTSORMIL promotes degree training for international collaborators from developing countries.

Major Project Activities

The INTSORMIL Program is a consortia of seven U.S. Universities (Kansas State University, Ohio State University, University of Nebraska, Purdue University, West Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University) and USDA/ARS which conducts collaborative research on the improvement of production and utilization of grain sorghum and pearl millet in 20 countries world wide. The broad program interests of the INTSORMIL program involve collaborative research, post graduate degree education, training, conferences and workshops, and publishes a wide array of program research results from projects, workshop proceedings and newsletters and other initiatives. Dr. Yohe's role is in overall management of the Management Entity Office, the program and in facilitating successful implementation of the program.

Extension Interests

The INTSORMIL program looks for opportunities to foster technology transfer in partnership with National Program Extension Services and NGOs/PVOs in regions where INTSORMIL is active.


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