HORT 843k: Advanced Arboriculture

Instructor(s): TT faculty (Distance education course (NCS: North Caroline State University; KSU: Kansas State University: UNK: University of Nebraska-Kearney; TT: Texas Tech University).

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: Admission to the Horticulture graduate certificate program; and permission https://agronomy.unl.edu/online/horticulture-graduate-certificates.

When Offered: Distance education course delivered by Texas Tech University and is offered fall semester of odd-numbered calendar years.

Description: Physiological principles and industry practices in the production, moving, care, and maintenance of ornamental trees, shrubs, and ground covers.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives: Students will develop career tools to install and maintain woody plants.This goal will be accomplished through the review of the pertinent literature and through class exercises designed to improve the student’s skills and knowledge of woody plant physiology, care and maintenance. This course is designed for students without previous experience in arboriculture.