HORT 871: Vines, Wines and You

Instructor(s): Paul Read

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Cross-listings: PLAS 471, NUTR 471, NUTR 871, HRTM 471, HRTM 871

Prerequisites: 6 hrs science or equivalent experience; 21 years of age or older. Proof of age is required.

Description: Origin, botany, historical and cultural significance of the grapevine and related species. Principles and practices of vineyard establishment, management and processing of grape products, importance and/or scope of grape and wine industry; global and local significance. Culinary applications, health, environmental and safety-related issues, business and industry relations and experience.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Understand the origin, historical significance, botany, and cultural importance of grapevines (Vitis spp).
  2. Know the basic principles of grapevine management and culture.
  3. Understand the importance and scope of the grape and wine industry in Nebraska, the USA, and the world.
  4. Gain an appreciation for the place of grapes and wines in everyday meal preparation and human health.
  5. Demonstrate ability to select and purchase wine, including ordering wine in a restaurant.