Jhala Lab – Extension Program

Jhala presenting at Field Day
The Jhala Weed Management Lab
Extension Program

Our Extension program includes:

  • Educate growers about herbicide resistant weeds and role of gene flow to disseminate resistance traits
  • Conduct herbicide efficacy trials and update information in Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska (EC 130) and disseminate information about latest development in weed control practices
  • Develop extension bulletins on topics such as herbicide resistance, crop-weed competition, gene flow, weed seedbank, timing of weed emergence or any other current issues in weed science
  • Contribute to the Crop Production Clinics to help crop producers and agribusiness professionals improve their profitability and herbicide safety
  • Develop a sustainable corn, soybean, and sorghum production systems by teaching the principles of safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient weed management system
  • Organize field days for on-site demonstration of management approach to teach clientele about control of herbicide-resistant and hard to control weeds
  • List of Research Publications