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8:45 – 9 am Welcome
9 – 10 am

Disease Management*

Disease Management Corn Disease Update – Tamra Jackson-Ziems

Soybean Disease Update – Tamra Jackson-Ziems

Wheat Disease Update – Stephen Wegulo

Cover Crops

Cereal rye in corn systems: Benefits and challenges – Katja Koehler-Cole

Do cover crop mixes impact soil health more than single species? – Sabrina Ruis

Impact of Winter-terminated vs Winter-hardy Cover Crop on Corn and Soybean Yields – Gary Lesoing

Nutrient Management & Water Quality

Impacts of annual precipitation on optimizing corn yield with tillage and nitrogen management practices: suggestions for adaptations - Javed Iqbal

Irrigation well water: essential nutrients, liming and other water properties – Charles Wortmann

10 – 11 am

Weed Management*

2,4-D and Dicamba Micro Rates on Sensitive Soybean – Stevan Knezevic

2,4-D vs. Dicamba: How do they compare – Stevan Knezevic

Survey of stakeholders to access the problem weeds and weed management practices in Nebraska – Amit Jhala

Cover Crops

Interseeding Cover Crops into Corn Project Updates - Steve Melvin and Jenny Rees

Long-Term Cover Crop/Cropping Systems Study – Jenny Rees

Cover Crop Management for Soil Health in Nebraska – Sabrina Ruis

Nutrient Management

Sensor based nitrogen management for more efficient nitrogen management in corn – Samantha Teten

Precision nitrogen management through model-based approaches – Laila Puntel

Nitrogen management including inhibitors/rates – Jenny Rees and Laura Thompson

11 am – 12 pm

Insect Management*

Spider mites in corn and soybeans – Bob Wright

Soybean gall midge – Justin McMechan

IPM in relay cropping dry beans and winter wheat – Jeff Bradshaw and Nevin Lawrence

Precision Agriculture

Leveraging precision ag technologies to conduct on-farm research for improved crop management decisions – Joe Luck

Testing downforce pressure planting systems in corn – Sarah Sivits

Variable rate corn seeding study – Sarah Sivits

Soil Health

Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force Update – Keith Berns and Mike McDonald

12 – 1 pm Lunch
1 – 2 pm

Pesticide & Environ. Safety*

Applying Pesticides Safely – Greg Puckett & Frank Bright

Precision Conservation & Crop Management

Improving farm profitability by farming the best and conserving the rest – Andrew Little

Understanding Soil Health and the Observable In-Field Changes Over Time – Aaron Hird

The NRCS Soil Testing Conservation Practice – Measuring and Monitoring Soil Health – Carlos Villarreal

Agribusiness Management

Risk and Reward: Using Crop Insurance and Marketing to Manage Farm Survival – Jessica Groskopf

2 – 3 pm

Application Technology*

Application and Environmental Factors that affect Post Herbicide Efficacy – Bob Klein

Sprayer Setup and Nozzle Selection – Bob Klein

Using the Information in the Guide on Pesticide Application – Bob Klein

Crop Management

Soybean Maturity/Genetics – Jenny Rees

Variable rate soybean seeding study – Sarah Sivits

Organic soybean population study – Sarah Sivits

Crop Management

Dry Edible Bean Population and Inoculant Studies – John Thomas

BMPS of Winter Wheat Production in Eastern Nebraska – Nathan Mueller

* Required for Pesticide License Recertification