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Resilient Cropping Systems Lab – News & Media

Team News

Basche is recognized for academic excellence, leadership

Rich Bischoff, associate vice chancellor of IANR (left), presents Andrea Basche

January 27, 2023

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Graduate Student Awards 2022

East Campus

December 25, 2022

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Basche to receive ASA Early Career Award


August 22, 2022

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Graduate students earn fellowships and awards

Graduate students earn fellowships and awards

January 25, 2022

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Science Friday: The Future of Soil Under a Changing Climate

Science Friday

September 14, 2018

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Salvador Ramirez and Fernanda Krupek

Cover Crop Strategies – Soil Quality Management vs. Quality Soil Management Podcast

Cover Crop Strategies podcast from December 2020, sponsored by Yetter Equipment, features Salvador Ramirez, Doctor of Plant Health and Postdoctoral Research Associate with the University of Nebraska and Fernanda Krupek, Agronomy Graduate Research Assistant, also at the University of Nebraska. Ramirez and Krupek discuss how the difference between soil quality management and quality soil management, strategies for measuring soil quality, and the economics of improving soil quality.

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Team Media


BBC Future, June 2022, “How to turn your garden into a carbon sink.” 

AgPhD, Sirius Satellite Radio National Radio Show, March 2022, “Cover Crops.” 


Smithsonian Magazine, April 2021, “The Nation’s Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of its Topsoil” 

John Deere Magazine, March 2021, “Infiltration’s Impact: Healthy soil will have ripple effects on extreme weather events.” 

Civil Eats, Why Aren’t USDA Conservation Programs Paying Farmers More to Improve Their Soil? January 2021


Nebraska Farmer, November 2020, “Aerial imagery brought to cover crop management.

Midlands Business Journal, October 2020, “Interest in regenerative agriculture growing."


Nebraska Farmer, November 2019, Identifying practices to mitigate drought, floods.

Let this soak in: roots in soil between crops can reduce flood impact, UNL researcher says, October 2019.

Wallace’s Farmer, May 2019, Cover crops can help fight weed resistance.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture: Cover crop research team receives Nebraska Environmental Trust grant, May 29, 2019.

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Growing Magazine: Soil – the 'Underdog Natural Resource', Spring 2019

GIZMODO Earther: Farmers in the Midwest Face Decades of Recovery as Flooding Strips Away Crucial Soil, March 21, 2019


IANR Strategic Discussions for Nebraska, Tomorrow’s Scientists: Improving communities and improving the world, Basche teaches students to communicate their science, Fall 2018.


CSA News Magazine: Perennially-based practices improve soil hydrology, December 2017.

Inside Climate News: ‘Spongy’ soil can help farmers combat climate change, August 2017.

AgWeek: Fighting drought and flood with soil health, August 2017.

Team Videos

Experimentation on Nebraska Farms for Sustaining Soil Health Management

Fernanda Krupek, Graduate Research Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate

Winter Cover Crop Impacts on Weed Dynamics in Eastern and Central Nebraska

Elizabeth Oys, MSc Thesis Presentation

Collaborative Efforts to Diversify Nebraska Cropping Systems

Andrea Basche, Nebraska assistant professor of soil and water sciences

Cover Crops & Soil Health
UNL assistant professor of soil and water sciences, Andrea Basche gives us the latest findings on a years long on-farm research project that show the long-term benefits of cover crop utilization.

Cover Crop Calculator
– Between fall harvest and spring planting, maximizing your cover crop growth in that time span can often prove to be challenging. However, a new predictive tool developed at the University of Nebraska can estimate cover crop growth with different planting and termination times across the state of Nebraska. This could prove to be a valuable tool for producers who utilize cover crops or those thinking about implementing them into their operations.

Turning Soils into Sponges

Agricultural scientist Dr. Andrea Basche shows how farmers can reduce the impacts of floods and droughts by building healthier, more sponge-like soils.

Soil and Climate

UNL Assistant Professor, Andrea Basche, discusses her research on how the climate impacts soil. Andrea also shows off a very interesting soil experiment.

Soil Health Study

Andrea Basche, UNL Assistant Professor, and Fernanda Souza Krupek, Agronomy Graduate Research Assistant, talk about a soil health study that uses aerial imagery to measure crop yields.

Soil Management Practices
UNL Assistant Professor Dr. Andrea Basche walks us through some of the different soil management practices used during a recent Extension event. See how these different practices could help you achieve your soil health goals.