Crop Physiology and Production Specialization


The Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture Specialization prepares students to understand, manage, and improve productivity, efficiency, and profit of cropping systems.

To this end, curriculum for the Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture Specialization must provide each student with needed knowledge and functional capabilities, as defined by the Student Outcome Learnings for the Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture Specialization.

Learning Outcomes: Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture

Students completing a degree with the Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture Specialization will have the knowledge, skill set and professional capability to:

  1. Understand plant growth as influenced by their surrounding biophysical environment and underlying physiological mechanisms
  2. Integrate concepts on crops, soil, nutrients, and climate to develop viable and profitable cropping systems
  3. Understand tools that can help as basis to manage resources and improve their conversion into economic yield

Foundational or Core Courses

Students specializing in Crop Physiology, Production and Horticulture must select classes from each of the three Core Elective groups as guided by the major advisor, student committee and IDP. Students will also choose Elective classes guided by their own individual development plan, major advisor, and supervisory committee.

Core Electives Courses

M.S. at least 6 cr, Ph.D. at least 9 cr

Writing, Speaking and Teaching (core electives)

Statistics and Data Analysis (core electives)

M.S. and Ph.D. (at least 3 credits)

Courses for sub-specialization and customization (electives):

Students then customize career track by selecting Elective classes guided by IDP, major advisor and committee.

M.S. at least 3 cr, Ph.D. at least 6 cr

Plant production and management

Students free to select courses from one or more sub-specialization or to choose no sub-specialization. Courses from other graduate specializations may also be selected. Core Elective Course guidelines may be waived with documentation of previously successfully completing equivalent courses, workshops, or short courses and/or demonstration of equivalent proficiencies pertaining to the student’s educational and career goals and will be identified as such in the IDP as deemed appropriate by the Student’s Supervisory Committee.